Iconic Casting


Would $50,000 and TV Exposure Help 

Fulfill Your Dream of Buying a Business?


SPIKE, home of “Bar Rescue” and other top rated cable series, wants to help you START a BUSINESS with your friends or co-workers and Be Your OWN BOSS! 

Would you like up to $50,000 to help buy the business, EXPERT HELP to renovate it and have your new business featured on TV - potentially marketing it to millions!!!

From the Executive Producer who created the life changing reality shows, THE PROFIT and THE MOMENT, and a Producer of THE APPRENTICE, is currently searching for groups of friends, co-workers, or family members, who aspire to change their lives to start their own business. This groundbreaking new series will follow these friends as they buy the business, transform it, open it and actually run it.

If you and your friends want to open a BAR, RESTAURANT, BREWERY, HOTEL, or ANY unique business idea, what better way to get things started than with great exposure on SPIKE!!!

To apply, go to www.BuyingTheBiz.com